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Re: Could a 3 Cylinder Metro be made to run on Ethanol?

That is an excellent attempt to covert away from relying on the Saudis. Just keep the inverter away from the Ethanol stash or it could mean the end of civilization as we know it today. I still think this most recent round of assaults on our economy are foreign driven attempts to dilute our ability to conduct extended warfare against their fellow sheetheads. There is also a growing consensus oil demand in the short run will outstrip supply faster than we think forcing governments to ration. China with its phenomenal growth and rapidly modernizing military just raised subsidized fuel costs, like rising fuel costs in this country when cost reaches a point $5, $10, or maybe $12 demand drops giving the overall same numerical effect as rationing albeit a potentially more unfair system given the large disparity of wealth and need.

It appears absolutely essential to work around this looming problem. It may play out like in the 1970s fuel problem and again they may mask the problem but it will be back as long as we rely on a foreign power for what we need to survive.

San Diego Union: ďA growing chorus of economists and market analysts warns that prices could hit $7 a gallon by 2010. Some even say prices could shoot to $12 to $15 a gallon by 2013. Gregory Clark, who heads the economics department at the University of California Davis, estimated that if gas hits $15 per gallon, the American standard of living would decline 11 percent.Ē Maybe Mr. Gates lifestyle will decline 11% but it would make life very tough for many of us. This may create a new class of can go out for a ride and a group that canít event think about it. I think thats why keeping the 1.0L in race car condition, and looking for alternative sources for electric and fuel is so important right now. If you look at how FEMA and our government handled New Orleans we may be in for a wild ride.
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