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Re: Could a 3 Cylinder Metro be made to run on Ethanol?

thanks ff,

ethanol burns very cleanly. atmospheric pollutions can be produced by particular methods of burning. at higher temperatures and pressures, oxides of nitrogen are produced [by all fuels using atmospheric oxidizing] in greater quantities and forms. some of the early low compression engines did much better re nitrogen issues than our contemporary designs. also i believe some of them got better average mileage than our current cafe standards require! [but remember, according to many .... the oil / car corps don't run / manage evil guvmint and need to be unfettered for our benefit]. it's the collective limits that must ultimately concern us.

a friend got an alcohol license and used homegrown jerusalem artichokes [and many other things] for fodder. he's exceptionally capable and yet had limited success. keep at it!

i admire all individual creative efforts ...... the work of simply surviving in a self defeating, dog eat dog culture is purposefully belittled and/or cynically made 'heroic' but supported only with cheap talk while demanding ever more of a cut by the comfortable class. the promotion of 'lifting yourselves by your own bootstraps' is the height of such cynicism. we survive on the bent shoulders of the collective efforts of billions of struggling workers .... not nominal 'giants'.

re small plot .... think of all the money you could save by going electric! .... kidding mostly. even though there are mountains of consumptive 'waste' all around us, it sounds like it's going to be tough to find enough carb / sugar in your yard to make much alcohol and if not available there, then the transport and gathering uses more energy than produced perhaps?

everyone's situation is different and that's one of the places we [yes, me too] get into political trouble .... making ill considered generalizations for all .... instead of recognizing the work and participation required to make a nimble and responsive and equity seeking, principled government. note that participation is only possible for those with the time to do the homework ..... and thus to have an actual democracy, requires that all have the means to live adequately.

i currently keep the lawn in a few spots for coolness and weed / dust suppression ...... and in the orchard for weed suppression and nitrogen fixing self fertilization and as a cushion for falling fruit. i only harvest windfalls and have tree ripened fruits for much of the year. in case you missed it, the rototiller is planned for replacing some lawn with crops .....

here's a link to george monbiot's writing ... always good for 'big picture' and backyard.... this on cap and trade / offsets ....
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