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Re: Could a 3 Cylinder Metro be made to run on Ethanol?

good link ... the 'thc' goes all around the world and if i remember correctly can take 10 to 100 years to make the circuit ..... barring bungling interferences.

whoops .... it says the oldest waters may take 1600 years for a round trip!

re drano .... right you are. i do prep experiments and tests all the time ... and the battery conversions are leading to the probable metro conversion / hybridization. i'm less interested in producing more power in a given engine ..... prefer long life. i've been convinced for 40 years ..... hydrogen in the pipes v nat gas sounds like a good plan. compressed air / liquid air, flywheels, springs, etc .... all appeal to me.

for the curious ..... here are some very early 20th cent electric tractors .... amazing what we've done.
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