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Re: a prob with my 69 nova

Originally Posted by ezkiel
i own a 69 nova, and i have a prob with it running. it starts up decenty easy, and idols very nice in park, but once i switch that bitch in gear it wants to die out. i think i have a 350, only because the guy i bought it from said it was a 383, and found out it wasnt. he also said it was a 400turbo tranny, which was a 350. but anyways, when i try driving down the street, it doesnt have any balls, picks up slow and just has nothing to it. i was told that the timing was off in the crank/cam gears. so i pulled the timing cover off, and the dots were off. so i aligned them so they are close as possible, crank dot is on top, cam dot is on bottom. put it back together and is leaking some oil, but still runs the exact same. tried timing it. and it just idols fine in park, and runs crappy.

does anyone have any ideas what this could be? because if i cant fix it, i want to sell it, and ive been putting 4 years of work into this beast, i mean.. for right now its a ankle bitter. please help

well ive learned that just lining up the dots sometimes dont mean shit if you have a built motor. you have to get your cam dialed in and inorder to do that you have to pull the motor and take the heads off.... but thats another story... ummm. have you adjusted your timing? if so what is it? what is the rpm at idol and what is the rpm when its in gear? it sounds to me like i have had the same problem... but i need to know a little more. if you could answer my questions then i could probably help you out.
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