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Help a complete idiot charge his AC

This should give most of you a good laugh, but as I ask in return for giving you a chuckle is a little help.

The AC on my 98 Mercury Grand Marquis stopped working (on a 98 degree day, natch). I went to the auto parts store and, being a cheapo, opted for a can of Arctic Freeze (the one with the hose attached). I had never tried to charge my AC before.

I THOUGHT I followed instructions - I put the AC on high, attached the hose to the can (puncturing it), and then attached the other end of the hose to the unit. I pressed the nozzle and held it there, shaing it, for five to seven minutes. Then I noticed the can NOT getting cold. I disconnected the hose and a quick tiny blast of stuff came out, so I know the hole was punctured. I started the process again, same thing.

Frustrated, I disconnected the hose from the top of the can (I was wearing gloves of course) and freon shot out of the can all over the place (into a rag), and the can finally got really cold, but only after I wasted the whole can.

Should I go and get a guage and a hose and a separate can of straight freon and start from scratch? Am I in any danger without the gauge? What the hell am I doing wrong?


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