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'05 Tacoma Double Cab 4x2 airbag switch

I have an '05 double cab. Beside the stereo, on the right is a black cover, which when removed has a wiring harness. I looked up the area online at toyota and it says that some models have an on/off switch for the passenger airbag here. I assume my wiring harness is for this. When I contacted the local toyota dealership here they tell me first, they have never heard of an on/off switch for the '05 models, then they call me back and tell me that Toyota said that feature is only available in the models other than 4 dorr double cab, which is what i have.

Does anyone know anything about this? If I am wired up for it as is what it appears under the cover, I'd like to add this switch to my truck, but the guys who are supposed to know about this seem to be more lost than I am.

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