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Re: '04 Service Manual

This auction for 2004 manuals ends in less than 10 hours.

About a month ago his manual were selling for around $105, I bought mine from him at $105 + $18 shipping. The next week he increased his starting price to $150.

Go to;
In the drop down under parts and service you can look up the price of manuals, you will find that Vol I is $125.71, Vol II is $98.56 just as Jc manuals said.
I don't know what Toyota charges for shipping. them.

The 2003 manuals have different part numbers and different prices. They should be close but look at the points gap thread near the top of this forum and you will see there are some basic differences.

FWIW, I have found one error in the manual. THey show the STA fuse as being in the underhood relay and fuse box, it's in the under dash fuse box. That's a small error but I wonder how many more errors it has.

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