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Re: just an idea i wanted to run by the RE fans

its a 99 grand prix 4 door. i was concerned about the enclosure space i have in my trunk. dont know if there will be enough room. as for waiting til november, im out of the country right now so none of this is happening til i get back. with the DPs, am i going to get the kind of output im looking for with the XXXs. this is going to be a comp/daily driver so i want to do all i can without changing the way the car performs. money isnt too much of an option. i could go up to around 7 grand, however, i would like to keep it as low as possible. i already have one of the sub stage amps. if i get the DPs will it push 2 of them? or do i need another? stang you mentioned RL-p. ????? not sure if i know what they are. it doesnt' sound familiar. you got a website i could check them out at?
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