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Re: Just bought a Vector M12

Hello to all who have replied to my posting regarding the purchase of a Vetor M 12,

I am sorry I did not see you replies sooner and respond to the same. As the dates show I did not get any responces for several months and or years on some so I stopped checking the posting.

I have sent a private responce to any and all that had inforamtion and or parts. I hope you got the e-mail and contact me. I am in the middle of a complete restoration and imporvement of the M 12. I am making over 3,000 changes to the car during the restoration process. The changes range from as small as properly routing a wiring harness to a complete re-design of systems and new parts fabricated to make them work properly.

Thank you for your responce and please contact me if you have any information or parts regarding the M 12,
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