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Re: Build your own car from SCRATCH?!

mmcleo, if you need any help with anything just let me know. I am not a professional, but I do have a little bit of experience now.

This little car would rock'nroll with so many different engines. That's why I built it to accept almost any FWD drivetrain, plus big-bore bike engines.

Building a chassis from scratch using my proven cost-saving methods such as shopping for used items on ebay, buying steel from a salvage yard, purchasing the donor car at an insurance auction for next to nothing and ABOVE ALL doing all the work yourself would cost less than $5,000 total. (including tools!) But the problem is that people are lazy. Well that's not a problem really. Just replace labor with $. And creativity with $. And patience with $. The cost can easily go into the 10's of thousands if you had someone design and build the car for you. What kind of sacrifices are YOU willing to make?

The real cost that can't be avoided is the bodywork. I am going to have to sell bodies and kits just to pay the bill! Mould making is not for the weak or meek.

I'm building the car of my dreams...
La Bala - A Lightweight Sports Car for Street and Track
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