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Re: Build your own car from SCRATCH?!

WOW, man. I am REALLY impressed. I can see that a LOT of time, effort and $$ has gone into your car. Nice choice on the 4AGE engine, there is also the 4AGZE supercharged version and also a DOHC 5 valve per cylinder with quad throttle bodies version of this motor that would bolt straight up!! Both engines make over 160Hp from a 1.6L!!
I should also mention the ECOTEC motor that was listed on a previous page is actually a 2L motor if it has a 86mm bore and 86mm stroke. It would still be a awesome setup!!

I am about to begin constructing my own vehicle as well. I bought a wreck on a Autobacs Garaiya from Japan and plan to swap over the good bits into a custom built all alloy frame, coil over suspension, rose jointed suspension arms and some very well developed brakes

I also follow the light weight = great car philosophy. I am aiming for 800Kg(1760Lbs) from my car as our local laws require that engine capacity is directly related to minimum weight of the vehicle. My donor car was also rear engine, 6 speed manual RWD from the factory so I got a big bonus there

I have an SR20VET engine to be fitted, with 276Hp@crankshaft in standard form. My final goal is extracting close to 800Hp from the engine with performance to shame anything this side of a Bugatti Quad-turbo W16 Veyron!

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I def appreciate your work. It has given me some great ideas to incorporate into my draft design.

Thanks again.
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