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Re: Build your own car from SCRATCH?!

Originally Posted by supervisor1886
Man, People like You built the USA. You make proud.

The only thing is that your choice of the engine here seems nice (the numbers are pretty good and its light), but not a v8? Even if you dont want a v8 why not at least a 4.3 vortec-a six- maybe some turbo and you will be making lotsa hp staying pretty light.
Thanks, I really appreciate that.

You're right a V8 would be awesome. And the Northstar will fit just fine. Also any of the v-6's would fit no problem either. The key about my car, and it's one that if you know about the Elise you might understand, is that the ultra-light weight will give INCREDIBLE performance out of smaller engines. This car weighs only 1,400Lbs when completed. And without bodywork and it interior weighs only 1,126Lbs! With a V8 and all that torque you would have a very very hard time keeping the tires from spinning all the time. Seriously. I think that 250HP and 200Lb/ft torque is a power level that will blow away almost every single production car in the world.

I've had so much interest in the car that I am starting to put together all the items required to make a kit for it. So if you want to put a V8 in it, I can get you started on that path. Realize that I don't have anything to sell just yet, but if you sign up on my website I will keep you informed when I get closer to production.

I'm building the car of my dreams...
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