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Re: wow you didnt mention one american car

Originally Posted by JoeStangV604
You listed a bunch of cars that you say are a lot better buy than an NSX, but not one american car! How come? I swear people are so weird, they like refuse to buy american. Here are a list of american (real sports cars) that are a better buy than an NSX, Corvette, Viper, Camaro, Ford GT (costs more but its worth it), Cobra Mustang, New 05 mustang, the new Steada mustang, Cadilac XLR, Chrysler Crossfire SRT, oh forgot to mention the GTO too, Any LS1 can be made amazing with the addition of a blower. The LS1's capabalities are unbeatable for its costs, and just got better with the LS2, 6.0L!! That means that you can get over 550HP without major forging or internals changed for around 5 grand. Total cost of GTO 30-40 grand "Depending on how its loaded" and an additional 5 grand will make it incredibly fast. I do agree that the NSX is better looking than the GTO since pontiac hasnt changed their styling in 30 million years. And you may argue it isnt an american car since it is built on an Aussie car.
Should I bother to tell him that the GTO is not made here in the states?
Or that Ford took an NSX apart to see how it was made before building the GT? Nah! I better not!
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