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Re: GB 60 red years: F40 LM 1:16

To make the new radiator I started with three pieces of styrene that will be the base and end pieces.

I then glued on a sheet of mosquito mesh that I found. The pattern is a little bit to big, so I glued on another
sheet just a little bit out of phase with the forst one to create a finer mesh pattern with a bit of depth.

This was done on both sides.

Then I cut out some side pieces and inlet and outlet pipes to the radiator.

To finish it I rounded of the edges and attached some some brackets and locating pins.

This is how the locating pins attach the bottom of the radiator to the subframe by some brackets,
just like It's done on the original. The pins will of course be cut to the right length.

The front subframe is now finished an can be attached to the rest of the chassi:


Not too far from the reference pic in the last update I think.
Latest progress:
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