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GB 60 red years: F40 LM 1:16

For the grup build I have started this Fujimi 1:16 Enthustiast Kit of the "F40 Competizione 1989" like Fujimi likes to call it.
I'm not sure what this kit really wants to represent since it is a bit schizofrenic. Under the body it is a regular F40. The intercoolers are too small, the front subframe and A-arms are different etc. Easiest way for fujimi I guess.. The body is not really exacly true to the F40 LM:s I have reference photos of. Especially the duct in the front hood is a bit different and it lacks a NACA duct. I have concluded that it represents the first Michelotto built prototype of the LM.
I will try to make it as true to the real LM:s as possible.

I have absolutley no illusions of finishing until the deadline just so you know
So here we go:
The body is prety nicely molded. Unfortunatley the front hood is attached to the monocoque:

A lot of parts to glue together:

So to start the detailing I cut of the front clip of the body. This is not hinged on the real car, just attached the front by a few fasteners.
Latest progress:
Ferrari F40 LM Fujimi 1/16 and Porsche 959 Fujimi 1/16

1940 Ford pickup and Lotus Super Twelve

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