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How do i define emotion in a car?

thats a tough one... basically a car that has emotion is a car that just has something about it, something special that distinguishes it from other cars of its time, or in its class etc... It has to be entertaining to drive, it has to communicate with you, it has to make you smile so much you cant help laughing when youre driving the nuts off it. it has to have a little quirk.. it has to stay special. you have to look back at it at the end of a trip and want to fire it up and go round the block again... it has to have a nice interior, something a little special, something you want to sit back and gaze at... it has to look good on the outside, a shape you could never get tired of looking at... it has to stand out from the crowd.. you have to be able to form a bond with it, never want to let it go... it has to feel like an extension of your own body... this is emotion in a car...

ok you wont find many cars with all of the above, but some factors are most important than others, and for me a Japanese pocket rocket with a grey interior just has no new tricks for me. A lotus esprit, yes. A Maz bi-turbo? thats a bucket-full of character right there.. but a Honda Civic? No chance
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