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Originally posted by La Temperanza

but none of them seem passionate enough about their cars, with the possible exception of Subaru and also Mazda.
If there is one manufactor is truely pasionate about makeing drivers cars its Honda.
Thier whole company philosophy is geared around motorsport.
Do a little resurch on thier history, and especialy on the history of Ashirio(sp??) Honda the founder and you will see what I mean.
And also note thier success out side Japan (F1, Indy etc) and in Japan. They are quite simply Japans most successfull manufactor when it comes to motorsport. Not even Toyota and Subaru with thier WRC wins come close.

Mazda would certianly come in 2nd, but its a distant 2nd, and only becasue of thier persistance with the Rotory engine.

Subarus even WRX's are however some of the most souless cars on the planet.

And CrazyJay how do you define emotion in a car?
Iv driven a Lotus Esprit at over 200kph, hung the tail out on an Elise, and done a power slide in a Maserati Bi-Turbo. Iv also side stepped a 100a Datsun cherry at 80kph on a wet road, run a Triumph 2500TC around a race track on its door handles and run the tyres off the rims of a Mini. Iv made a car dealer nearly wet himself in an SiR Civic, and shown a mate how his MK1 MR2 should be driven.
Its only a small selection of the cars I have been luckey enough to own and or drive, but it covers England, Italy and Japan, A car that in its prime was one of the fastest road cars avliable, and a car that was one of the slowest, and it covers 4 decades.
Yet all the cars despite all thier differnces have bucket loads of Emotion when driven.

You simply can't say that just because a car was made in a certian country by a certian manufactor it has no emotion.
Infact from my experiance some of the most mundane and boring looking cars can provide some of the most entertianing and enjoyable drives, while some flash cars intended to be sports models have been a complete let down, and no better than playing Playstation.
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