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Re: Are cushy cars boring?

Agree with most of what MagicRat said.
Currently drive a 2000 Deville, bought it 2 yrs ago, it was like a brand new car with 18k miles on it. Paid just over $12K for it.
Rides great and the mileage is fantastic on my nearly 60 mile round trip commute. If I drive at 55mph, it'll give you 32mpg in return. Did this when gas got high in price.
Nowadays I drive about 65mph and it gives me 28mpg at that speed. YMMV

The headgasket issue was more common on pre-2000 models. At least that is the feedback I've seen on the caddy forums.
Also the 2000+ models run on regular unleaded instead of premium which was req'd of the Northstars from years ago. They do have their quirks, like the crankshaft position sensors and window regulators. But I have done the repairs myself for a fraction of what the dealer charges.
The 2000-05 models also have the diagnostic system accessible for the owner to use, not so from 06 onward.

Before the Caddy, we had a Town Car. Also a good car on the highway, but the Caddy drives like a Vette compared to the Lincoln!
The long overhangs of the vehicle dates the Lincoln, as well as scraped the bottom of our driveway or most driveways. Not the Caddy.
Personally, I don't care for the LS. Had a friend that had one with lotsa problems. His cooling fan was powered hydraulicly, which failed and created a huge mess.
They may have switched to an electric fan since his model.

A used Lexus LS is also a nice cushy car if you're looking for something smaller.
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