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Are cushy cars boring?

I have a pretty long commute - about 45 Km each way, takes me about an hour. Most of the driving is on sideroads at between 60-80 km/h, not much highway. I drive a Mazda Protege5 which I love because of the nicely weighted steering, the competent handling and I enjoy shifting gears myself. But I would be lying if I didn't say the few times I have borrowed my wife's Toyota Camry I enjoyed the luxurious bump-soaking ride. Compared to my car, it felt like I was driving a limousine - the little Mazda doesn't like bumpy roads.

I'm asking car enthusiasts to see if you think comfortable, luxury-biased cars get boring, or is it still fun? I'm looking at used Buick LeSabre's, very reliable, very comfortable, very safe...but boring? Quite possibly. Am I going to fall asleep on my commute if I get one of these tanks, or are there drivers out there that enjoy the drive of a bigger, more comfortable car?
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