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Re: Re: Y do people hate hondas so much....

Originally Posted by lazysmurff
ok, so i drive a honda prelude too (3rd gen si) and i love it. sure, its a little plasticy on the interior, but hey, for 3000, ill take it.

and yeah, ive made mods, but there is a difference between mods, and style. no wings, no lights, no body kit, no aftermarket rims (though a set of 16 inch five spokes wouldnt be bad) no funny colors or stupid stickers. i even considered sanding the beast down and spray painting it flat black just so it would be less the ricer.

and ill be the first to admit my 4 banger b21a isnt the fastest engine in the world, but ive shown my tailights to more than my fair share of v-6 camaros and mustangs pulling up on me because they think their car is fast simply because of the name on the bumper.

its not the car that is hated, its the additude of the driver. car pride is one thing (i'll defend my car against any insult or attack) but car stupidity is another (no, your civic does NOT need a 4 foot wing on the back...indy cars dont have wings that big)
I don't dislike hondas.They are very economical cars. I'm just curious.You bought the car for $3000.00.How much would it cost to make it really fast???
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