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Re: Re: Re: Y do people hate hondas so much....

Originally Posted by Prelewd
I don't think it's that they love them, it's that they suffer from a lack of knowledge about cars. They have the desire to modify their vehicles, but lack the necessary cash and brains to do it tastefully. Clear taillights are cheap, easy to install and, sadly, are a 'gateway mod' for many peoples cars. This is my theory on ricers anyway...

Exactly my stance on Hondas and "ricers". It's the optimistic viewpoint, if you will. Even though I own a 240 and like to go sideways instead of straight more often nowadays, I can still appreciate a nicely done Honda. Especially a Prelude...I see you own a 4th Gen Lude too. I'm considering getting a 4G VTEC and building an all motor monster. I would boost it...but I find alot more integrity and respect in a NA car. Well a NA Honda with drag racing in mind at least, as opposed to a boosted Honda built for dragging.
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