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Exclamation Research Paper!! Please Help!!!

I'm a highchool senior taking an engineering class to become an automobile engineer and I am writing a research paper on mechanical engineering, but an interview is required. If you are an mechanical engineer in any kind of fields, could you please answer these questions for my project? It'll be a GREAT help!!
1. What engineering field are you in?
2. Where do you work?
3. How did you get that job?
4. What kind of hours do you work?
5. How do you spend most of your work hours? (i.e. on a computer, etc.)
6. What is the best college for mechanical engineering?
7. What is special about your field of engineering?
8. Do you enjoy your work?
9. What kind of projects have you worked in?
10. Do you recommend students to become a mechanical engineer?
11. When or how did you want to become an engineer?
12. What is your favorite thing about your job?
13. Would you ever leave your field of engineering? Switch to another field?
14. Have you traveled through your job?
15. Anything you donít like about your job?
16. Thank you so much for your cooperation! It was a great help!!
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