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Xv7vX , that write up should get a sticky. The only things I would say is missing. Leathers !!!!! Your 2nd skin. I went down HARD on a CBR 600 F2.
Late one night I was out for a ride. I lived on a back highway speeds around 65 just out my driveway. Anyway, I leave my place and just nail it. Then I see tail lights about 1\4 mile in front of me. No big deal I am still on it around 85 90 mph. Then I see the tail lights cut hard right then left into the ditch. Now I am almost on top of the car when it did this. Next thing I know theres a BODY of a person on the road Now it was time to think fast #1 hit the body dead on. #2 lay the bike down not to hit him. I went with #2 Sent the bike off into the ditch with me sliding down the road. The bike slid down the road into the ditch and took out a mile marker post. I went about the same but missed the post. Thank god for my leathers & lid!!! I was ok and got up with out a scratch. Turns out the car had hit this guy as he was crossing the highway. I ran up and saw he was alive. But bolth his legs where broken BAD and he was out. I ran back to my bike and pushed it up in front of him and started flashing my head light back down the road at on coming cars. At the same time I am calling 911 on my cell. We bolth almost got taken out by a big rig that some how didnt see us till the lats minn. I am talking me dropping my bike AGAIN & taking a dive off the road. Then seeing the trailer tires locked up and smoking past his head Just after all that the cops show and close the highway.
Point is leathers & a lid WILL save your azz. There a 2nd skin that will let you hit the road and make it. So long as you dont get hit or hit some thing You never know.
One other thing for newbe riders. Watch out for oil in parking spaces. Your foot can slip out from under you real fast. Plus on blacktop your stand can and will sink into it on hot days. Then your bike falls over when your not even there.
I took hold of the bars in 1986 & have yet to let um go. That was my first and only time down. SO FAR
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