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Re: Advice to new riders.

If your dad has been riding that long has not laid it down thats great. I'm not being sarcastic, thats great. You too. I pray you both never go down. I have never laid down either. But i have been hit on a clam day by a driver that was not paying attention, and it nearly killed me. If a cars has a fenderbender that ruins your day. If a motorcycle has a fenderbenders it destroys your life.

I have to say im a little suprised to see a firefighter say not to wear helmets, and while I agree that they are not guarantee that you will live through an accident, they are most certinly a guarantee of rasing your chances of surviving, compared to no head protection at all. As im sure you allready know that brain can have severe damage and be destroyed at an impact as little as 1/2 mile per hour. I do agree in personal freedom and individual choices, and if you are THAT against helmets that you chose not to wear them, that that is your personal choice. Live and let live. But i would encourage all motorcyclist to wear all available protection at all times. We loose to many brothers the way it is.
As for scaring new riders, well if it scares them then fine. I believe it to be the truth, and i think everyone should consider it. Everytime you go out you might not come back. I think i large part of RESPONSIBLE riding is being able to acknowlege this. I dont think that new riders should twist the throttle with out thinking about ALL the POSSBILE risks associated with the sport we all love so much. Further i believe that if a new rider knows this, acknowleges this and still choses to ride he or she will be a better rider for it.

At anyrate, i hope we all stay safe, and wish the best for all motorcyclist.

As a last note, any new riders, or anyone for that matter should feel free to PM me with any questions, no matter how insignificant. I would like to be able to help anyone and everyone ride safer and better. (though i am by no means a professor of motorcyles, but i have plenty of experience.)
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