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Advice to new riders.

If i may give out some advice to new riders.
It doesnt take a rocekt scientist to figure out bikes are totally different than cars. Here is some advice to new riders.

1) Always were protective gear. Do not purchase a bike before buying a helmet and jacket. There is no conceivable reason to ever not wear gear.

2) Do not, under any circumstance ride with any of the following: Sandals, shorts, or no shirt or t-shirt.

3) Always listen to advice from those more experienced than you.

4) There is no substute for seat time. You will always learn something new the longer you ride.

5) Take any classes offered by the state. They maybe lame, no doubt. But seat time is key. Also, most of these classes will offer you your liscense if you complete the course. This also correspondes with #4 and #3.

6) Always inspect you bike on a weekly if not daily basis.
This includes but is not limited to lube the chain, check the tires, brakes, oil, ect.

7) Warm both your engine and tires everytime.

8) When ever possible ride with others, not only for the experience and knowledge but also groups are more easily seen by others.

9) Never assume the driver sees you, will turn a certin way, ect. In fact never assume anything. ALWAYS be on the alert for others.

10) Respect your machine.
Remember that 999,999 time out of 1,000,000 the bike is better than the rider. Very seldom and i mean VERY seldom does the rider out perform the bike. Remember to ALWAYS respect your machine and to KNOW your own limitations. This doesnt mean you shouldn't push your self to be a better rider, but always KNOW your self and dont lie about your own abilities to your self. Lie to your girlfriend, your friends, or lie to the police, but not your self.

!!) Know your self and your limitations.

12) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE! listen very closely.

YOU WILL FALL. YOU WILL GO DOWN. I dont care how long you have ridden. How good you are or THINK you are. EVERY SINGLE rider goes down. It may be your fault, or it may not. Some may drop in a corner pick them selfs up and drive home. Some of us go down for good. If you deny this or can not acept this or for whatever reason dont agree with this, do your self and us and everyone else a favor and dont ride. In fact dont even go into a bike shop. This is the reality of riding motorcycles. Every time you go out you must acept that you may not come back, ever. If you still continue to ride as many of us have, then good for you, but always remember this fact.

Anything i forgot, or anything i missed feel free to contribute all!!

Please for the love of God stay safe. Everytime you think of doing someting stupid think of your family and friends standing next to your casket, closed of corse.
Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, "VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY," says the Lord. Romans 12:19

"What if the truth is that there is no truth? The only thing i can prove is there is no proof" Reconsider Everything, 311
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