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Re: Re: HOW TO: Build a detailed alluminium Tuner muffler

Originally Posted by Whumbachumba
Looks great, but question, what size tubing would you use for the pipe from the cat to the muffler? 3mm? 4mm?
Hmm... Good question there. Most exhaust pipes are like 2.5 inch. This would mean 2,7 --> 3mm tube in 1/24. I usually use the rod from the frames that come with the kits. They're almost 3mm in size.

Besides that, 4mm rod is hard to find for as far as I know. Evergreen has 3.2 as a max for rod. -->

They also have tubes with lots bigger sizes, but that's very hard to bend as it will nod. I think the rod from the frames is pretty accurate, unless someone is able to convince me otherwise of that...
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