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Originally posted by TexasF355F1
Lamborghini Muricelago(Metallic Yellow or Blu Nova)
Diablo 6.0(Orange)
Ferrari F355F1 GTS(Yellow)
BMW M3(Dark Blue)
Ferrari Enzo(Red)
'03 Chevy Silverado ext. cab with air bags, 4 1/2" stock floor body drop,custom interior and stereo,custom paint,screens, all tuckin' 22s or 24s.(not sure what color, but custom)
Mercedes SL55 AMG(Diamond Silver Metallic)
McLaren F1(whatever one I could find for sale)
Cadillac EXT(i need something to tow my toys )(black)
Corvette Z06(silver)
I made a mistake, im deleting the SL55 and exchanging it for a Pagani Zonda.
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