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Unhappy Lock, and power seat problems!!!!

i just got a 93 Taurus GL and all is fine in the car except the locks do not work with the key. I put the key in (the door) and it will not turn. Also the Power lock switch does nothing, this poses a problem because i cannot lock my car at all and i'm a college student fearing that something will get stolen one of these days, hell it could be the car. also the the power chair does not work at all either. i've heard or read somewhere that the power locks and doors are on the same fuse? i have no idea where this said fuse is, i do not have the owners manual to find it, and i'm not sure the shop manual will tell me (it has not been useful the whole week i've owned the car so far). a rear window also does not go down, i belive that may be a motor, but i could care less... i would just like to be able to lock my car at night and during classes, as well as move the seat around so i'm not cramped driving, i'm considerably taller than the previous owner (whom it most likely died on, and broke the plastic control panel trying to fix) again please help me diagnose this, i would like ideas of what to try because i live in northern ohio and it is really really cold out and i can't get in the garage so i have to work out side and the least amount of time is best. Thanks ~Jeff
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