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Re: Racers.... post your times

Originally Posted by LowETz
Well, well..... it would seem you have become ternimally afflicted with this evil, currently uncurable diesese as well

I remember a couple years back when we were all happy with the current(at the time)power we were making, and saying "that's it" Haha .... Right.... LOL!

Congrats on getting the stroker build started! Gotta love big inches! Sounds like yours is gonna be a brute.

Absolutely NOTHING like 500 rwtq at 4300 rpm's on MOTOR
Blowin' the tires OFF at 65 mph gets some looks from folks

Hit it with the hose and be prepared to change your drawers. I recomend depends
Yup, it's a horrible sickness...and I'm loving every minute of it!

Yeah, I can still remember when I saw a Dakota running 12.5's back in '02, I said to myself, "Man, if my truck could run mid 12's, that would be all I'd need" LMFAO!! Big fat lie right there.

'02 Dakota 5.9 R/T
Intercooled Paxton - 11.3@120
425/W5/nitrous setup coming soon
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