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Re: If excess CO2 from cars is such a problem....

Originally Posted by kcg795
What about NASA? Don't they use a filter that controls CO2 levels? I only saw this on the movie "Apollo 13." I'm not sure if the movie is completely true or not. I'm pretty sure the technology is possible. .
Yes, but that is a scrubber, not a catalyst. It just filters out the CO2. Humans produce a very small amount of CO2 compared to the liters per minute that cars produce. We could install CO2 scrubbers on cars, but several things prevent that:

-the intense restriction caused by the scrubber would not allow for an engine to run
-CO2 isn't the problem
-and the scrubber filter would have to be changed probably every few miles.

By the way, beef and mazda, your tech on catalysts has earned this one a spot in the FAQ sticky. SilentChamber, I know you... uh, contributed too, but it was a little light on the "tech" part.
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