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Re: If excess CO2 from cars is such a problem....

CO2 isn't a big problem, it doesn't pose any health risks, it's the NOx emissions, CO emissions and ozone emissions that are deadly. they are the ones that cause cancer, lung and breathing problems, and smog. CO2 is naturally produced by your body and by anything that uses hydrocarbons as fuel. as you're reading this YOU are producing CO2. besides, trees and other plants filter out CO2 and release the oxygen and put the carbon back into the ground.

CO2 does advance the effects of golbal warming, which by the way isn't as big of a problem as they make it out to be, but it poses no immediate health problems. i think we should focus more on the immediate problems than the CO2.

Anyways, back to the discussion. We have no known catalysts to break up carbon dioxide. it's a very stable molecule. carbon monoxide on the other hand, isn't very stable and gains an oxygen when it passes through your catalytic converter. NOx molecules break up into O2 and N2. i don't know if they do anything to unburnt hydrocarbons, but i know it is possible to break up hydrocarbons using a catalyst. that's how those mosquito magnets work, they use a platinum catalyst to convert propane into carbon dioxide and water, and a bit of heat.
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