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Re: Re: Too early for GT500 vs '07 Skyline GTR?

Originally Posted by drunken monkey
whoa.... i didn't mention the 911 because it's german and 'better'.
i mentioned it because like it or not, it is the benchmark car in that price range (or it that going to go to the new cayman s?).
like it or not, in the real world, where buying a car is more than just about the specs, would you buy a car that would retain more than 50% of its price over three years or the car that wouldn't?

or is that only something that people like me think about....
infiniti holds its value very does nissan if you havent kept track lately, nissan is making some of the best selling cars out right now.

i personally would buy the car that is best all around...and as of right now i dont know which car is going to be the best overall. if it were nme i would sacrifice its value holding abilities if it is a better car in every other category. and like i keep saying we have no idea what the GTR is going to do, what it is...

how do you know the GTR will not take the place of the 991 as the benchmark car in that price dont. because when we are talking the one ever knows.

it seems that everyone knows exactly what this car is someone enlighten me.

Originally Posted by 9eleventb0
so now we have a credible person stating that it will probably be under 500hp, AWD, and between $60k-$100k.
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