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Re: trash or treasure?

Originally Posted by rjhonda
What do you all think. I am not that familair with these cars. But I came across what was list as a 1970 2800CS. It is in Arizona. I took a look at the car and this is what I saw.
The engine looks like a 3.0 engine with a turbo on it. It has a 5 speed installed, but the rear emblem says Automatic. The interior is basically all shot.
The body is very solid, no dents or anything other than surface rust that I could see.
It has been sitting untouched for over a year and half. There was no battery so could not tell if it would run. Still dark oil in the motor, and no noticeable leaks underneath (puddles).
The "owner" has had some strokes and could not tell me much about the car. I was dealing with the wife and she was lucky to find the keys for it.
It looks like it would be our of my budget to restore. I am wondering if it would be a good buy to purchase and then part out.
They were asking 1500. I have a few photos.


Hi ,You must be kidding to get the car for that monies...Walk Away...
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