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Fujimi Lamborghini Rain-X Countach

I've had this kit in my "under construction" pile for a while. Here's a quick review/run-down of the kit. If I've left anything out please feel free to add your comments on this kit.

KIT # - TC-59
SCALE - 1/24TH
M.S.R.P $35.00

First off, let it be known that this kit is a stock Fujimi 25th Anniversary "Real Sports Car Series" Countach rather than the highly detailed Enthusiast Model Series. Therefore the car on the box cannot be built without major modifications and scratch building. This came as a big disappointment because no efforts other than the decals and tires were made to accurately represent the full scale Rain-X Countach. There are a few different versions of this car as it developed over the years. Good research should be done before any modifications to the kit are made.

BODY - A 22-piece assembly of a stock 25th Ann. Countach. Body modifications will consist of removing the front valance and rear tail light panel and replacing them with scratch built parts. You will have to add six vents to the engine cover and reconfigure the air vents on the rear quarter panel tops. A stock rear countach wing is included so you'll have to construct a new correct one from scratch.

ENGINE - None, this is a curbside model.

CHASSIS - This is the simplified chassis with metal axles, poseable front suspension, front & rear disc brakes and relief molding of the engine underside. I like these chassis over the EM series, due to the accurate stance your finished model will have. Wheels are also stock 25th Ann. items, but now have new "no name" racing tires. No decals where added to replicate a specific brand name for them. Strange for such a kit!

INTERIOR - There are no modifications to the stock interior and no additional parts where added to correctly represent a racing interior (racing seats, harness, fire extinguisher, etc.).

DECALS - They are complete. However all of the dark blue sections are printed in a pale blue, requiring new decals to be printed to correct them.

FINAL THOUGHT - This kit has a lot of potential, but will take a lot of work to replicate the real car. The biggest hurdles will be the front valance, air vents and making new decals. Fujimi obviously took advantage of their molds here and released a kit geared more towards the collector rather than the builder.

Surgery started on the front valance. Thankfully the Fujimi kit makes the mods easy by scribing along good definition lines.

Here the rear taillight section has been cut away and sheet stock applied. Same for the rear window areas.

The decals. . . ugh


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