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Question '05 Base Parking Brake Cable

I have an '05 Mustang Base, V6 with a 5-speed. In the last 14 months I have gone through 4 parking brake cables. In all cases they seized up while holding the brake on. I have had to remove the tire and pry the cable off the caliper to get the car moving. The first time was shortly after rotator cuff surgery at a followu-up appointment. Seized AFTER driving 50 miles when i set the brake at the doc's office. That was fun.
But that seems like an extrordinary large amount of cable failures. (Currently waiting for rockauto to ship a replacement. This one only lasted 5 weeks!! At least it's free.) So what in the world could i be doing to cause the cables to seize. The all come pre-lubricated so i have not been adding any. In all cases, even when I remove the cable i cannot free the cable from the jacket; seized up tight. Any ideas what could be causing this?? PITA to keep having to pop a cable off in parking lots...
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