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Re: Nissan Frontier vs Toyota Tacoma

Originally Posted by ukrkoz View Post
272 hp V6 will likely work for me. They also have a supercharged one.
My question is more towards reliability in general.
Yes, I know - that's why Tacomas are so pricy.
I own a 2007 tacoma 4wd with 130,000 miles on it no major issues so far. Besides normal maintenance , i have changed a u joint and a front wheel bearing.
The 5 speed auto is great, I have heard bad things about the 6 spd manuals. These trucks do not get great gas mileage, realistically 16 to21 depending on how you drive. Not sure if you offroad, but, I believe up 2008 had mechanical limited slip, in 2009 or 2010 they have atrac.
Rear leafs are weak, make sure it has the 4 leafs and not the 3 leaf pack. All I know about the nissan is that the radiator tanks have issue of cracking and letting colant and trans fluid mix. About a 4000 dollar trans overhaul. Other than that they seem solid, although I think tacomas are superior. Especially in offroad capabilities and aftermarket accesories available.
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