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2004 Murano Acceleration

Last year during one of the hottest days of the year, I took a trip to New Jersey from Arlington, VA. Of course I had my AC on and after 2 hours of driving, my 2004 Murano stopped accelerating, I pressed the gas pedal harder to the floor and it lurched forward. I got off the highway at the next rest stop and turned it off for a few minutes while I got something to drink. After that it was fine and I didn't have the problem again until this past weekend coming back from Charlottesville, VA. Same scenario. I stopped at a traffic light and honestly thought it wasn't going to move. It lurched forward and I was able to get some speed. I pulled off onto a parking lot, turned it off, waited a few minutes, restarted it and had no further problem. I did report it to the service rep last year when it first happened. He said the computer was probably overheated and turning off the engine reset it. This shouldn't happen - should it? Has anyone else had the problem? I need to know while it is still under extended warranty. Thanks.
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