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Re: 2007 ram 1500 bit the dust=-

I wish I could find my service receipt to see exactly what they did to my Dakota. That was 5 years ago so I doubt it... but I had throttle body work done which was causing a fuel issue. But I agree that it very well could be a fuel problem. Dodge is known for using great motors but they seem to fall short on other parts such as fuel delivery... just went through this with my current dodge. Different motor so different story but same idea. The parts aren't built as well as the motors themselves. Try a different mechanic, dont tell them that you were told it's a compression issue and see what they say. I have a hard time believing you suddenly lost compression in 2 cylinders on that motor. If it was a early model vortec or any Ford it would be more believable. Dont scrap that motor without a 2nd opinion.
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