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Re: resistor engine control module MD145962

What started my adventure is the car had been in storage for a was moving so I was going to sell. Decided it needed a tune up drove to the shop and came out being told told the transmission needed to be rebuilt. Found out about the limp mode and have need trying to self repair reading the Codes. The ECU and TCM both have been gone through replaced the ignition coil, engine crankshaft position sensor. This is the last code I get and I'm still stuck in limp mode. Stealth 316 calls it what I have noted above and all the part Mitsubishi warehouses call it powertrain control resistor and the final term I have seen is injector resistor which is what you used. A number of website say my ES needs the part so I'm confused and actually have one just can't locate to install. Are you sure I don't the part and do you have some reference material I can look up on line? I appreciate your feedback and response.
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