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Re: Your Car Audio System

Originally Posted by toolfan8102
I would put its SQ up against just about anything(except the really top end stuff). The best part is I was able to get some good deals, so I only spent about $600 on the whole thing.
Il go against it, im waiting for a chance to get the SPL checked again ive made a few changes

Its been awhile il post my new list

2-15" ascendant audio Atlas
9.5 cuft ported to 28 hz, rhino liner on the inside
2x autotek MM75.4 one for subs and one for the fronts
6.5 re-re audio comps
panasonic cq-dfx983u
120sqft of secondskin dampifier, 50 sg ft luxury mat
0 gauge knu conceptz wire, knuconceptz rca's, 12 gauge speaker wire, 10 guage subwoofer wire(overkill).
0 gauge big three
dual optima red tops
standard output alt (lights will not dim)

All this in an 89 s10 blazer.

i hit just under 140db with no sound deadener, the box was not coated, had 4 guage wire, and 12 gauge for all speakers. II should be able to hit around 145-147, maybe higher.
Cant remember who posted it but if you see it give yourself credit

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