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Re: Your Car Audio System

My system cost me $4000 total, it's in a 1996 Chrysler LHS and consists of:

Chrysler Infinity AM Stereo (yes there are still AM Stereo stations out there), FM Stereo, Tape, CD Player Head Unit with a 3 Band EQ

Chrysler Infinity Spacial Imaging Amplifier of unknown total wattage in the trunk

2 Chrysler Infinity 6" x 9" Co-axial Speakers in the rear shelf

2 Chrysler Infinity 5 1/2" Mid Bass, 1 in each front door panel

2 Chrysler Infinity 3" Midrange/Tweeters, 1 at each end of the front dash panel

1 Chrysler Infinity 1 1/2" Tweeter in the center of the front dash panel

1 very clean 1996 Chrysler LHS thrown in at no extra charge!

For a totally factory sound system it sounds awesome never heard a better sounding one unless it was the same setup in a Concorde, Intrepid, or Eagle Vision, loud enough to be heard from a distance even with the windows closed, an imaging soundstage that is a pleasure to listen to with very detailed mids and highs, and enough bass to be felt in your back and blurr the rear view vision in the mirrors even with the EQ set at flat across the bandwidth.

Sure I can toss in my Pioneer DEH-P77DH Exact Fit Head Unit in the dash and get even better sound from it but for a stone stock factory setup, it's pretty darn nice sounding and loud enough for my needs, won't win any dB awards but i don't care about those kind of things anyhow, like someone else said in the thread, SPL contests are just for bragging rights for those who spend megabucks for the right to brag that insanely high dB number.

Ok, laugh if you want to, but for me this is one of those rare instances where the factory did such a bang up job with an audio system to make it good enough that a person who does enjoy audio SQ along with decent SPL would not want to change anything about it.
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