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Re: Questions on Repair Manual/K&N FIPK/Spark Plugs

Thanks Jason_bet, if I could get a copy of that CD, that would be great. We'd have to figure out a way to send it over the net, or if you know or any other way, the knowledge the CD would bring me would be greatly appreciated.

And thanks for everyone's input on the mods to my car. What I'm basically trying to accomplish is doing little things to make the car more my own. And little things i want to do is make it look a little flashy under the hood, get a couple more horsepower here and there, and if possible, I'd like to get better fuel economy if anyone knows how to get that.

Oh, if anyone has ever heard of the Tornado Fuel Saver system that you put after your MAF sensor and before you throttle body, it seems like a load of bull to me. I had one in when I bought the car, and I took it out a few days later. To me it almost just looks like a butterfly value that isn't completely open, so that I would just think that it would rob the engine of it's power. Any thoughts to back this up at all?

And as for future mods, down the road that is.... I'm look at putting a navigation system in in place of my headunit radio set I have in there now. I've been looking at some Pioneer systems for GPS navigation, and they are looking quite nice, but pricey none the less, if anyone knows anything on that, as well as I'll eventually want to put adjustable cams on my engine so that I could tune for more torque to get better acceleration off the get go.

I'm an aspiring (and hopeful...) Mechanical Engineer as of the moment and will be going back to college in the fall, and I bought this car knowing that I would have a bunch of fun learning all that I could about cars and moving parts in general, because I want to be an Automotive Engineer someday. So if anyone has knowledge on anything I should do to the car to make it better in any way, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again!

1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL
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