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Questions on Repair Manual/K&N FIPK/Spark Plugs

I had a couple of different questions to ask that don't really relate to each other in the small realm but are all centered about my 3000GT. Any knowledge on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.

1.) I have NGK Double Platinum Spark Plugs part #PFR6J-11 in my car as of the moment and i was wondering if anyone has experience with Iridium Spark plugs, such as the NGK Iridium Plugs part #IFR6E-11 or otherwise. Whether they actually give you better power at all or better fuel economy/mpg.

2.) I got my 3000GT about a month ago and I wanted to do some simple bolt-on mods to make my ride more my own, so what I was thinking of was doing something small at first and was thinking of a K&N FIPK system. My question is does anyone know of if these system are good and if they improve the mpg, the power and how loud and low they make the noise of the engine? Or if there are better systems for the price then the K&N I had stated about above. Also if anyone knows of what sorts of mods I should do first to my car.

3.) I want to buy a service/repair manual for my GT since I intend on trying to do a decent amount of the work myself, that, and I haven't found the Oil Filter yet, or at least from trying to just check it out from under the hood, I haven't gone below to check out if I can see it or not, so general items such as that. My question is does anyone know where to get a repair manual for a decent price for a 1998 3000GT SL, and if there are any good, reliable places to get the manual on CD as well.

Thanks for anyone's input!

1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL
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