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Re: Which of these subs would you get?

I think most of the people here are going to suggest you go with 1 15" RE Audio XXX or Adire Brahma rather than two 12s, from past experience lol. I also was aiming to have a system with 2 12s but these guys suggested these 15s instead and their reasoning makes sense.. but all i was going to say is if youre definately wanting 2 12s for space/ show reasons, say so now so that 2 12s actually get suggested, rather than another suggestion which might be a little more sensible. Also, about the audiobahns, thats kinda the thing where everybody thinks theyre good until they actually know whats out there, then they could never go back because there are dozens of high quality subs which would blow audiobahns out of the water for just a little more money. Audiobahn is also looked down upon, in my opinion, because they are overrated.. liek i said.. people think theyre awesome until they realize the truth. Oh and try not to be too offended if the guys give you a hard time here.. they just hear the same questions over and over and get annoyed
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