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The name of the magazine is evo, for evolution. Nothing to do with any Mitsubishi, it is just using the same abreviation.

What I like about evo as well:

-as mentioned, they pick out the bad things... They tested cars such as the Invicta S1 and the Farboud GT, on both notes they didn't really say too much good about the car. They pointed out that the car is in a development stage, but they also suggested that it is in a more early stage than claimed. There are still a lot of bugs (and they mention them too).

-they don't base their car tests on anything except "evoness". They judge this by "the thrill of driving". Every car in this worl has a bit of evoness in it, some more than others. The editors and writiers are seeking out the purest car, with the most "thrill of driving". I love that, they don't judge on statistics... I hate that.

Evo - The BEST automotive magazine avaliable.
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