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B20B longblock - 900 shipped at most
VTEC head - say 350
VTEC ECU - say 150
VTEC harness - say 150
oil lines/plug/tee, etc... - 100
10 minutes on the drill press - free
labor - free if you do it yourself
knock sensor - dont know - say 100
VTEC oil pump - dont know - say 100 again

and dont you need a crank fluxuation sensor as well? lets say 100

so then theres a little under 2K, and ive seen everything cheaper than what Ive listed except for the longblock and the last 3 that i havent looked up the price of.

anyways, I personally dont think that the 2k into a 1.5 would be able to keep up with the stock CRVTEC, unless the 2k went towards boost. I mean 2k would buy a cam/upgraded valvetrain, high cr pistons, rods, and boltons. add another grand and you could do whatever you want with it, and then put that same thousand more into the CRVTEC for some 10.5:1's and boltons, and SMOKE the 1.5.
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