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yeah, the cops suck here, i live on an island, lots of theft and drugs and almost none of oit is ever broken up. but of course theyll give tickets like crazy. if you drive at night they will just follow you for the fun of it, they dont do it overtown though, even on the north end of the island I was driving and passed a cop at 3 AM and i was the only car out and he didnt even look at me.

the thing that really pisses me off though is that i got pulled over 2 times by this cop and get a ticket both times, then i get home from my vacation, trunk popped and passenger door opened. look in to find my new panasonic cd player gone, amp mtx sub and all my cds gone.
call the cops and they come look at the cra ask what was taken and leave, no prints or anything, i know the kid would have top be in the system for them to show up but I later found out who it was and I KNOW the kids prints had to be on file and if they woulda just run the damn prints they probably would have mafde the arrest before the kid had time to sell my shit. and i understand in a big city with rapes/murders/and shit like that and they dont have time but that sort of thing doesnt happen here and they might as well spend their donut eating in front of chevron hanging out time doing some fucking work
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