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Re: GSR or CR-V????

Originally Posted by 94tegRS
I dont really like those slipstreams, even if they are light. plus I like 17's alot more I like the S7's in silver though. I like my sokudo 8's alot but i dont know how much they weigh since they came on my civic with tires mounted already. I dont wanna treuse them though sinec there are too many chips in the gunmetal part of the rim. and one lip is pretty scuffed up.

I have seen altezzas that look just liike those on my car but the clear was red, but I dont know how they'd look. but i was thinking of them maybe.

and i sold it cuz I only had it for a month and had been pulled overe for center of headlights too low, blue headlights, modified exhaust, illegal; taillights(but then i turned off my lights and said "se the red reflectors" and he said "oh, well hold on a minute" and came back and gave me a speeding ticket before he had even told me he puled me over for that.

and i also got a yticket going with the flow but i was the only car not stock on the freeway around me.

but I have learned i get tickets in whatever i drive so im ready to go back ot the integra.

Yea, the S7's would look pretty slick on an integra. I say, get those. If they are a little heavier than you wanted....umm...oh well,'ll look nice on a white teg. Also, I like that red tailight surround idea. I say do that, it still keeps a nice clean,red look, but looks different than stock, and it won't detract from the clean lines of the car like chrome would (or dark on white). As for getting pulled over, damn man, thats some crappy luck. Where in Washington do you live? They must be kinda anal over their. Good luck with the new teg, hopefully they'll be nicer this time
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