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I am not sure if the Racing Hart Z5000 (in any color) is the same wait as, say the racing heart CP-10 and CP-8 wheels, but those wheels are suppose to weight 1 lbs per inch. So the 17" rim is 17 lbs, 18" rim 18lbs, etc. Of course, once you mount the tire, balance it, and add the air, it get a bunch heavier, but thats the same with any wheel, the tire and air add more weight. So, I know the CP-10 (discountinued, good luck, lol) and CP-8 are 17 lbs in 17". I'm not sure where to find them anymore. I checked wheelmax's website, and all they had now was knock-off racing hart...aka fakes. They stopped carrying them. The Z5000 I think is a simlier weight to those 2, and they all should come in a few different colors. BTW, your car looks nice, it was really clean looking. Why did you have to sell it? I admitt, I am notra great fan of chrome altezza's or the red A, but hey, it works on a white car (or silver). I think though, the car looked so clean, all red tails would rock.
Just go
Here is Dazz motorsports website, this link is for the "RH Eveltion" racng harts, and the regular racing harts. Everywhere else I went only had knock-off's. This is the actual distributor, so your good here.
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