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Re: Nissan Primera P10 / G20 project (Tamiya)

Good luck with the build. I am not sure if the Calsonic and Castrol kits are the same - I did the Castrol Primera many years ago when it was first released. Great kit.

A few considerations that you have probably already thought of:

1. ride height - being a touring car kit, the model sits really low
2. the model is right hand drive, the Primera in your photos appears LHD
3. there are a large number of road going Nissans of the same era from Tamiya (though mostly Skylines), Fujimi, Aoshima etc. I'd say have a look at those. If you go to Hobby Search ( they have images of the model contents, so you may be able to compare them to your 1:1.

Anyway, good luck with the build. And welcome to AF.

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